Dr Joseph Eby Ruin @ Dr Josef Eby Ruin.
FCCA(UK); CA(M’sia); Hon DBA-Mgt Phi(Kursk)
(Proprietor of RiskFirst Consultancy & Training Services)


Joseph Eby Ruin graduated in ACCA(UK) in 1976, was an Associate Member in 1979, and elevated to Fellow Member in 1984. He was admitted as a member of The Malaysian Institute of Accountants in  1983. For his many publications of management books, newspaper articles, and conference/seminar/workshop papers, he was conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration (Mgt Philosophy) by Kursk State Technical University Russia in 2006.  He was elected  the Regional Director for the Malaysian Chapter of PRMIA (Professional Risk Mgrs’ International Association) in November 2007; and held office from Nov’07 to April’10.  He was the Treasurer of FAAM (Fulbright scholars Almuni Association of Malaysia) from May’08 to April’10.  With approval from Central Bank of Cambodia, in  Jan’10 he was invited to be an independent director of a large commercial bank in Cambodia. In Sept’10, with the consent of Bank Negara Malaysia,  he was appointed as an Executive Director/Chief Compliance Officer to a remittance company operating many branches throughout Malaysia.

Executive/managerial experience: Joseph’s  executive and managerial career spanned the past 3 decades.  Throughout this 30 years, he worked in 6 different banks as Branch Manager and later holding various posts at the corporate head office. He also worked in 5 non-banking organisations where he held various executive/ managerial capacities,  as Head of Internal Audit/Chief Auditor and Secretary to the Board’s Audit Committee.His last job before he retired in April 2007 was as the Chief Risk Officer/Head of Risk Management Division of a large M’sian commercial bank.  Prior to that he was the General Manager/Compliance Officer for Anti-money laundering (AMLA) of another  Malaysian bank. He is now the Principal/Proprietor of RiskFirst Consultancy & Training Services.

Sabbatical work: He was awarded the US-sponsored Fulbright Professional Exchange Program in 1995/96. For this sabbatical in the US he was attached to the Institute of Internal Auditors Inc Head Office at Altamonte Springs Florida; where he participated in an advanced auditing & corporate governance review workshops in Orlando Florida, Pheonix Arizona, Dallas Texas, and in Washington DC. In May 2004 he participated in the intensive workshop/seminar on risk management  at INSEAD Paris France.

Speaker: From 1996 onwards, Joseph is a regular speaker/facilitator/panel chairman for public and inhouse forums / workshops and conferences. He has accepted invitations to deliver his papers in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai UAE, Mekong Institute Khon Kaen University Thailand, Fontainbleu Paris France,  Shanghai & Beijing China, Sydney & Melbourne Australia, Bangkok Thailand, Mumbai &Hyderabad India, Singapore, Phnom Phen Cambodia,  Orlando Florida, Hong Kong, Brunei, Mauritius, Nairobi Kenya, Manila Philippines, Seoul Korea, Hanoi &Ho Chee Min City Vietnam, Bali & Jakarta Indonesia.

Newspaper and journal articles: Since 1996 Joseph has contributed articles focusing on his areas of work. These articles are published in  the local Malaysian newspapers (the NST) regularly, as well as in Malaysian business-magazines and professional newsletters/journals.

NGOs and voluntary organisations: Joseph has been active in voluntary and charitable organisations. He was Asst.Secretary of DBNA Kuching Branch (1980-81), Charter President of The Certified Accountants Society of Sarawak(1982), President of KK Host Lions Club(1986-87),  Zone Chairman Lions Club Int’l Zone 14 Region 5 District 308A, Secretary Kuching  HHH(1980),  Committee for Kinabalu Golf Club Sabah (1987), Board of Governors for the Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (1998-1999),Treasurer of Fulbright Almuni Association of Malaysia (2008-2010) Regional Director of PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers International Association KL Malaysia Chapter (2007-2010).

Management books: Joseph has authored 19 management-books titled
(1) Enterprise-wide Risk Management Made Easy,2nd edition;  
(2) Managing Operational Risks in Organisations,3rd edition;  
(3) Managing Crisis in Organisation,2nd edition;
(4) Managing Tomorrow’s Organisations, 2nd edition;
(5) Guide to Effective Management of Business Organisation,  2nd edition;
(6) Guide to the Management of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism,
(7) Business Planning and Report Writing, 2nd edition;
(8) Getting One Step Ahead of the Pack,2nd edition;  
(9) Managing People and Business,2nd edition;  
(10) Managing Effective Teams in Organisations, 2nd edition;
(11) Managing  Service, Finance, Credit and Debts,
(12) Essentials of Managing Yourself, 2nd edition;
(13) The Art & Soul of Project Management, 2nd edition;
(14) Banking and Finance in Malaysia, 3rd edition;
(15) Guide to Import and Export Trade in Malaysia, 2nd edition;  
(16) Guide to Obtaining Bank Financing,
(17) Internal Auditing---supporting fraud awareness, risk mgt & corporate governance; and two books for The Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance, namely  
(18) Audit Committee….Going Forward Towards Corporate Governance,
(19) The Essentials of Corporate Management.

Dr Joseph Eby Ruin’s website is at: www.riskfirstconsult.com.my

RiskFirst Consultancy & Training Services (RFCTS). (Firm registration no: 001677194-T)

RiskFirst Consultancy & Training Services or, RiskFirst, in short was formally established on 02/4/2007. This was done when the proprietor, Dr Joseph Eby Ruin (JER), has retired from full-time active employment, having reached the retirement age of 55 years.

Before  RiskFirst was established, JER uses his other company, Shibarai-Ngori Sdn Bhd (138137-H) that was established on 08/4/1985 some 24 years ago. Since 12 years ago (from 1996) JER was quite actively involved in training and seminars as a way

  • to update his professional acumen and knowledge as well as
  • for networking when he was still in employment. He was invited by many conference organisers, professional institutes like ACCA, MIA, MIM, MII, MICG and MAICSA to speak at their workshops, tea-talks, seminars and public conferences both in Malaysia and overseas.

For the record since 1996, JER has spoken or delivered his papers in 255 seminars/conferences up to September  2009 (average of  20 seminar/conference per year) in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Mumbai, Jakarta, Manila, Nairobi Kenya, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Melbourne, Hanoi, Sydney, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Mauritius, Bali, Brunei, Ho Chee Min City Vietnam, and Dubai UAE. Details of those events are in RiskFirst's website at www.riskfirstconsult.com.my under  "EVENTS".

Even before his retirement, there were past inhouse seminars that JER conducted at the invitations of some banks and organisations. Because of his time constraints, and also the need to obtain approval from his company first before conducting those seminars, such events or seminars were restricted to selected invitations only. Now with his retirement and since May 2007, JER is doing full time training. RiskFirst or JER conduct seminars in the following management areas:

  • risk management,
  • internal audit,
  • anti-fraud management, awareness & prevention,
  • corporate governance,
  • team building,
  • business continuity planning and crisis/disaster management
  • anti-money laundering/anti-terrorism financing, and,
  • management internal controls and compliances.

Soft skill or contemporary knowledge in enterprise risk management:
RiskFirst involves with mainly the 'soft skills' of enterprise-wide risk management (EWRM) like:

  • Risk management executive training and inhouse awareness programmes,
  • Risk scoping,
  • Risk self-assessment,
  • Gap analysis for EWRM in companies/ organisations.

Associates and directors:
To ensure comprehensive coverage and updates in knowledge, information and trainers/consultants or people resources for past experiences and managerial skills, RiskFirst as a firm has in its panel many retired personnel who had working knowledge and experiences in the relevant course or seminar subject-matters. These pool of retired and experienced personnel augments or supports the ready pool of trainers or consultants that are  available at RiskFirst.    

Hard skill or expertise in technology solution of enterprise-wide risk management:
For the systems and automation in risk management RiskFirst has identified few credible and strong IT solutions and technology software programmers. Thus RiskFirst is technically supported by readily available and global IT solution providers.

RiskFirst is linked to, or have business and operational strategic alliances with, these companies that have universal network and support. They are based in Hyderabad India, Singapore, and Sydney Australia. Their client-bases include MNCs, many banks and financial institutions, and other big as well as medium-sized organisations operating in various industries.

The enterprise-wide risk management or EWRM technology solutions coming from RiskFirst and its IT support associates, or those that can be implemented and customerised for any organisation have been tested and implemented by many satisfied clients as user-friendly and effective in meeting their risk management needs.
The soft skills(training, awareness) and hard skills (technology, IT solutions)  that RiskFirst and its IT support associate can tailor-made and do in house implementation for any organisation will support an organisation in the following :

  • credit risk management,
  • market/treasury risk management, and
  • operational risk management.