Learning experience and research materials that I wrote and were published (since 1996) in 12 professional journals or newsletters as follows:

First Last
TitleJournal NamePro. InstitutionVolume NoDate & Time
Control Paradigm.Akauntan NasionalThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)Volume 9, Number 8.Aug 1996
Control Paradigm.ManagementThe Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM)Volume 31, Number 5Sep/Oct 1996
Institutionalizing Corporate Ethics.…do……do…Volume 32, Number 2Mar/Apr 1997
The Changing Paradigm of Service Management.…do……do…Volume 32, Volume 3May/Jun 1997
Risk-centered Auditing.Akauntan NasionalThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)Volume 10, Number 4Apr 1997
The Dynamics of ‘Post-audit Conferences’.…do……do…Volume 10, Number 9Set 1997
Security Options for Organizations.ManagementThe Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM)Volume 32, Number 4Jul/Aug 1997
The Art & Soul of Effective Supervising…do……do…Volume 32, Number 5Sep/Oct 1997
The Leader-Manager in You.…do……do…Volume 32, Number 6Nov/Dec1997
The Audit Committee and Corporate Transparency.JIRM….Journal of Risk ManagementThe Insurance Institute of Malaysia(IIM)Volume 2, Number 21998
The Art and Soul of Effective Supervising.Berita PersonnelThe Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management(MIPM)PP 2634/2/93May-Jun 1998
Re-inventing InternalAuditingKeeping In TouchThe Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIAM)Issue 4/98Nov’98-Jan’99
Managing Risks…Internal Auditor’s Perspective.Keeping In TouchThe Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIAM)Vol. 5/98Feb-Apr1999
Employee Loyalty.IBBM NutshellInstitut Bank Bank Malaysia (IBBM)Mac-April2/99Apr/May 1999
Managing Risks in Banks.Akauntan NasionalThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)Volume 12. No:5. May1999May 1999
What Price Quality ?IBBM NutshellInstitut Bank Bank Malaysia (IBBM)Oct/Nov 1999Oct/Nov’99
What Price Quality ?Malaysian BusinessMalaysian Premier Business MagazineJan 01,2000Jan 2000
The Dynamics of Debt Management(part 1).Akauntan NasionalThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)Vol. 13, No:5; June 2000Jun 2000
The Dynamics of Debt Management (part 2).…do……do…Vol.13, No:6, July 2000Jul 2000
Management Dynamics in Internal Auditing.Keeping In TouchThe Institute of Internal Auditors MalaysiaIssue 3/2000; July-Sept,2000Jul-Sep,2000
Goal-setting & Planning for Success.@IBBMInstitut Bank-Bank MalaysiaIssue Oct-Nov 2000.(KDN:PP11264/2/2001)Oct-Nov,2000
Adjust: keyword for harmonious relationships. (part 1)@IBBMInstitut Bank-Bank MalaysiaIssue Feb-March 2001.(KDN:PP 11264/2/2001)Feb-Mar 2001
…do… (part 2)@IBBM…do…Issue April-May 2001.(KDN:PP11264/2/2002)Apr-May2001
What every organization needs(mission statement)@IBBM…do…Issue Dec-Jan 2002 (KDN:PP 11264/2/2002).Dec-Jan 2002
That 4-letter word ‘Risk’.Akauntan NasionalThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants(MIA)Vol. 15, Number 8.September 2002Sept 2002
How BCP and crisis Management Thrive.…do……do…Vol.15, No:10. November 2002Nov 2002
The BCP budget and business impact analysis.Akauntan NasionalThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants(MIA)Vol.15, No:11.December 2002.Dec 2002
My article was titled:How BCP and crisis management thrive.Article of Merit 2003 Competition.IFAC Professional Accountants in Business CommitteePAIB Articles of Merit Award Program for Distinguished Contribution to Management Accounting.Sep 2003
Issues in Corporate Governance.Article featured in IDS's book (Institute of development Studies, Sabah Malaysia).IDS, Sabah MalaysiaIDS annual book publicationMar 2004
Emotional Intelligence…As a Personal Asset.Accountants TodayThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants(MIA)Volume 17.No:2.March 2004Mar 2004
Control dynamics in global organizations.Corporate GovernanceInstitute of Development Studies Sabah (IDS).Annual book publication by IDS.May 2004
Conducting effective meetings.The Approved Company Secretaries.Institute of Approved Company Secretaries.KDN:PP11199/4/2005. Issue no: A/009/03. June 2004.Jun 2004
Self-Evaluating for Excellence.@IBBMInstitut Bank Bank MalaysiaAug-Sept 2004.KDN:PP11264/2/2005.Aug-Sep 2004
Instilling Risk Management Culture for Corporate Governance in Islamic Banking.Islamic Finance news journal and websiteIslamic Finance NewsVolume 1, Issue 2,Nov 2004.www.Islamicfinancenews.comNov-Dec 2004
Eight Cornerstones for Credible Risk Management.Islamic Finance news journal and website.Islamic Finance NewsMarch 07, 2005Mar 2005
8 Cornerstones for Credible Risk Management.IBBM Malaysia quarterly newsletter.Institut Bank Bank Malaysia@IBBMMarch-April2005, KDN PP11 264/2/2006Mar-Apr 2005
In union with risks.Accountants TodayThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)Vol. 16 No:11, November 2006Nov 2006
Managing Risk is a avoiding Surprises and Uncertainties.Accountants TodayThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)Vol.20, No:2February 2007Feb 2007
Managing Risk is a avoiding Surprises and Uncertainties.Accountants TodayThe Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)Vol.20, No:2Feb 2007
The business of minimising risks.Business TodayReach Publishing.Vol. 07, Issue 2, February 2007.Feb 2007
Business Continuity Planning for Survival.Accountants TodayThe Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA)Vol.20, No:8Jun 2007
A concept in enterprise-wide risk mgt----successful mgt journey requires good brakes.ACCA FocusACCA Malaysia Sdn Bhd Vol.8, No:2, KDN PP11277/1/2008.Jul 2007