Seminar Topics

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Click on the links below to download some of RFCTS seminar topics (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF readers):

  1. Workshop/seminar on Anti-money Laundering & Counter-financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT).
  2. Workshop/seminar on Enterprise-wide Risk Management (EWRM).
  3. Workshop/seminar on Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Crisis/Disaster Management.
  4. Workshop/seminar on Understanding Banking & Finance today.
  5. Workshop/seminar on Management of Operational Risks in organisations.
  6. Workshop/seminar on Advanced Auditing...transiting from Auditors to Governance Partners.
  7. Workshop/seminar on Internal controls and compliance in today's management.
  8. Workshop/seminar on Fraud Awareness and Prevention.
  9. Workshop on Principles and Practices of today's Audit & Management Reviews.
  10. Course on Contemporary issues for corporate governance today.
  11. Workshop on Practical Risk-management & Risk-scoping for Organization.
  12. Workshop on Practical Risk Management and Scoping for Organization.
  13. Course on Organisational Governance and Risk Compliance.
  14. Course on Building Maintainance and Compliance Safety.
  15. Understanding Today's Enterprise-wide Risk Management Relevance to Organization.
  16. Managing Effective Teams in Organization.
  17. Course on Credit Risk Management.
  18. Workshop on Evolving Internal Auditing Principles and Techniques.
  19. Essentials in Today's Risk-based Auditing.
  20. Mapping Your Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).
  21. Fulfilling Customer Services.
  22. Sound Fundamentals for today's auditing.
  23. Effective operations and Risk Management in Ports.
  24. Course on Essentials of Project Auditing.
  25. Risk Management in Difficult Times.
  26. Risk-Based Internal Audit.
  27. Effective Management of Teams in Organizations.
  28. Effective Operational Risk Management in Turbulent Times.
  29. Workshop Seminar on Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Analysis (RA) for successful Business Continuity Planning/Business Continuity Management.
  30. Workshop seminar on Implementing effective BCP Testing, Implementation & Monitoring.
  31. Course on Strategic Project Auditing.
  32. Workshop seminar on Fraud Prevention Awareness and Management.
  33. Workshop seminar on Effective Reviews of Organisation's objectives using Risk Management Framework.
  34. Workshop seminar on Strategic Project Reviews.
  35. Course on Credit Conrol Management, Debts and Credit Risk Management.
  36. Course on Professional Audit Interviewing & Negotiating Techniques.
  37. Workshop seminar on Auditing for non-auditors.
  38. Course on Risk Management for non-Risk Managers.
  39. Course on Banks and Lenders' review & audit of customers' projects.
  40. Course on What You Need to Know in International Trade Import-Export Operations.
  41. Course on Audit Interviewing & Negotiating Techniques.